Welcome Wednesdays

A flexible, social time and space for current and former Eyebeam artists to share new ideas, works in progress, host conversations, and experiment with different formats. Think “happy hour”, Eyebeam style! Free and open to the public.



Upcoming in April:


April 4, 6 – 8pm: Invoking Reality: A VR & AR POC Community Jam, Hosted by BUFU

Kicking off the Welcome Wednesday series, BUFU invites VR & AR makers of color to come and share their works in progress in a community jam.  Individuals are invited to talk about their practice, receive feedback, and speak to how this tech//the future is ours. More info here.


April 11, 6 – 11pm: Algorave, Hosted by Ramsey Nasser and LiveCode.NYC

Join us for an evening of live-coded sounds and visuals made for dancing. Live coders program and change their computational systems as they are running, to produce real-time creative coded works. They share their screens with the audience in order to share their thought processes and algorithms, making for an event of bass, beats, and booleans.

Featuring: 2050, Ulysses Popple, Sean Lee, Michael Lee, Codie, Charlie Roberts, Kindohm and Ramsey Nasser. More info here.


April 18, 6 – 8pm: Lives in Transition: Poetry Reading, Hosted by Dhruv Mehrotra

Lives in Transition is a writing group started in October 2016 and based in NYC. Though the participants in the workshop have experienced incarceration, Lives In Transition believes this should not be the platform, or basis, for events–or let it define the group.

Everyone writes from their unique perspective and in their own style—without any restrictions regarding form. What emerges from this process includes poetry, poetic prose, short story, personal essay, and stream-of-consciousness narratives. Join us for a reading of new poetry by members. More info here.


April 25, 6 – 8pm: Conjuring Alexa’s ghosts, Hosted by Ingrid Burrington and Surya Mattu with Wesley Goatley

An interactive audio installation exploring the supply chain behind smart homes. More info here.