Artists Taking the Lead in Technology and Society

Brooklyn, NY, August 10, 2017—Each year, Eyebeam invites a select group to engage technology and society through art. Eyebeam provides a vibrant launchpad for invention and dialogue for those exploring and creating the future. Eyebeam’s values of openness, invention and justice drive its mission to fund the unfundable then share it globally through presentations, workshops, online initiatives and inventive programs. The new group is about to take their place at Eyebeam’s studios: the heart of technology by artists.

They were chosen through an open call focusing on Trust in the context of technology and society:

-AMERICAN ARTIST is an interdisciplinary artist thinking about blackness, being, and resistance in the context of networked virtual life.

-BUFU is a collaborative living archive centered around (pan)Black and (pan)Asian cultural and political relationships.

-STEPHANIE DINKINS creates platforms for ongoing dialog about AI as it intersects race, gender, aging, the proliferation of knowledge(s) and our future histories.

-DHRUV MEHROTRA is an activist and engineer who thinks about networks, power, and policy.

They are the most recent participants in an illustrious program that has supported the creators of the first online “share” button, numerous open-source coding languages as well as enterprises like BuzzFeed, littleBits and Adafruit along with the critical work of countless artists like Sanford Biggers, Cory Arcangel, Shirin Neshat and Trevor Paglen.

Advisors for this year’s Open Call were Hito Steyerl (artist), Vanessa Rhinesmith (Mozilla Foundation), Clementine O’Connor (United Nations),  Craig Newmark (Craigslist), Brennon Marcano (GEM Fellowship), DeAngela Duff (NYU Tandon), Theo Downes-Le Guin (Upfor Gallery), and Tamiko Thiel (Eyebeam alum).

For nearly 20 years, Eyebeam has been the place that not only provides deep support to artists and engineers at a critical stage of their practice but builds public discourse around technology and society from an artist-led perspective. This singular approach remains vital, providing a crucial hub in New York for Eyebeam residents, alumni and those who want to engage in a spirit of openness and dialogue.

Their year-long Residency—which include 24/7 studio access, professional development, and the most generous grant of any residency in the USA—begin this fall.

The Residents

American Artist is an interdisciplinary artist who makes texts, videos and installations about culture and technology. American Artist attended the Whitney Independent Study program as an artist, and completed an MFA at Parsons, The New School. They have exhibited at the Studio Museum of Harlem, The Kitchen, and participated in group shows internationally. They have published writing in The New Inquiry and New Criticals and have been featured in Huffington Post, AQNB, Dazed Digital, Nylon and PAPER.

BUFU (Tsige Tafesse, Katherine Tom, Sonia Choi, and Jazmin Jones) is a collaborative living archive centered around (pan)Black and (pan)Asian cultural and political relationships. Their goal is to facilitate a global conversation on the cultural contact between Black & Asian diasporas, with an emphasis on building solidarity, de-centering whiteness, and resurfacing deeply interconnected and complicated histories.

Stephanie Dinkins is an artist interested in creating platforms for ongoing dialog about artificial intelligence as it intersects race, gender, aging, the proliferation of knowledge(s) and future histories. Her work is exhibited internationally at a broad spectrum of community, private and institutional venues including Herning Kunstmuseum; Spellman College; Wave Hill; Studio Museum; Spedition Bremen; and the corner of Putnam and Malcolm X Blvd, Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn;  – by design. She is also a 2017 A Blade of Grass Fellow and 2017 Artist-in-Residence at NEW INC. Professor Dinkins teaches digital and interactive media at Stony Brook University.

Dhruv Mehrotra is a Brooklyn based activist and researcher deeply invested in using technology to aggressively promote transparency and social justice.  He is currently a researcher at the Courant Institute of Applied Mathematics and at the ACLU’s Speech Privacy and Technology Project. Dhruv has a masters degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Residency in Numbers

Up to $30,000 in Financial Support per resident

⅓ of Eyebeam’s budget directly supports artists

450 alums over 20 years

225 years in residencies given to artists

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About Eyebeam

Eyebeam is a nonprofit studio for collaborative experiments with technology toward a more imaginative and just world. By providing generous support to artists for research, production and education, Eyebeam makes ideas real.

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