Volunteer Opportunities at Eyebeam:

Event Production (Hybrid): On a quarterly basis, we run online public programs, and on a infrequent basis, we hold offline events hosted in space with our program partners. We welcome volunteers for day-of_event execution, i.e. guest check-ins, ushering, and accessibility guides.

Open-source Contributions: Eyebeam is in the process of archiving all of our resources onto our new website, as well as building out our new digital artist studio, Open Eyebeam . We welcome contributions from bug fixes to entire new features.

You can find all of our current works-in-progress on GitHub:

- Open Eyebeam

- Eyebeam.org

User Testing (Remote): As Eyebeam transitions to a digital-first organization, we're constantly testing out new technologies and adding new features to our digital spaces. This means we're constantly in need of people to help us test out everything from our website to new software stacks or communication protocols.

Workshops : We hold workshops for our (primarily online) for our residents, fractal phools, artist alumni, and the general Eyebeam community. We welcome you to apply if you have a level of expertise you would like to share our community or help the Eyebeam staff, guest lecturers, and teaching artists run workshops.

Accessibility : You may support accessibility through remote text translations and audio transcriptions, or by offering live interpretation services at public programs, online and offline.

Last updated: 12.07.2022
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