Adam Harvey


Adam Harvey is a researcher and artist based in Berlin focused on computer vision, privacy, and data politics. He is a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University (2010) and previously studied engineering and photojournalism at the Pennsylvania State University. Previous projects on surveillance include CV Dazzle (camouflage from face recognition), the Anti-Drone Burqa (camouflage from thermal cameras), SkyLift (geolocation spoofing device), and MegaPixels (interrogating face recognition datasets). His work has been featured widely in media publications including the New York Times, Financial Times, and Washington Post; and shown at internationally acclaimed institutions and events including V&A museum (UK), Seoul Mediacity Biennale (KR), Istanbul Design Biennale (TK), Frankfurter Kunstverien (DE), and Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (US). Harvey is currently working on VFRAME, a project to provide computer vision tools for human rights researchers and investigative journalists; and MegaPixels, a project investigating face recognition training data.

Rapid Response Project

For Phase 1 of the Rapid Response Fellowship, Harvey will conduct work on his project VFRAME, an initiative that aims to provide computer vision tools for human rights researchers and investigative journalists. He will be developing two prototypes exploring techniques to improve crowdsourced forensic analysis in an effort to address current conflicts around police accountability in the United States. The resulting computer vision tools would then be used in investigative reporting that aligns with the public interest.


Last updated: 12.07.2022
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