Eyebeam Is Changing

June 30, 2022, 21:40

We are currently in the process of redoing our website to reflect a greater change in our organization. Whenever you see this radial symbol, it’s a symbol that we’re working on a part of the site, or that it’s in progress / under construction. Thanks for your patience, and we welcome your feedback!

What’s going on?

In light of Eyebeam having shed its physical space, de-centered itself, and introduced a new and radical artist-driven, digital first format of artist support and presentation, we are introducing a new organizational structure that reflects a transformed, responsive Eyebeam.

At the same time, the transformational gifts we have received from preeminent social and civic organizations, including The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and Ford Foundation, demand that we depart from an adventurous legacy of prioritizing time, tools, and space, to operate at a new level of focus and impact. The new structure is a long-term investment in the organization and our community’s future that will help ensure fiscal health, operational well-being, and ability to poeticize culture and promote justice internationally.

We welcome your feedback

We are currently working on our site, and we’re curious what you think. Feel free to fill out this form . And, if you're curious about what we're working on, you can see in-progress changes to the site at staging.eyebeam.org .

Last updated: 13.07.2022
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