Food Futures: Using Art , Design, Biology + Technology to Restore our Damaged Food System (and maybe the planet too)

May 23,  6:00-8:00 PM

This event is free with RSVP


Super storms, drought, abundant chemical and fertilizer overuse, ozone depletion, fossil fuel exploitation and a host of bad decisions have contributed to the myriad causes of Climate Change and the collateral negative impacts on our Food System.  

Hosted by Eyebeam alum, Stefani Bardin, this event introduces projects from artists and designers affiliated with the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) + Food Studies Program at NYU who are exploring creative intersections of food and emerging technology in clever and beautiful ways. Bardin’s students will be doing quick presentations on their research along with food demos.


Stefani Bardin is an artist exploring the influences of corporate culture and industrial food production on our food system and the environment. She works with neuroscientists, biologists, physicists and gastroenterologists to ground her research in the scientific world.  She teaches in both the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) + Graduate Food Studies Program at NYU.