Our Values

Eyebeam acknowledges that both the art world and the technology realms are inequitable environments for marginalized communities. We aim to combat that injustice by executing our mission through a values-driven approach.

A blurred image of many faces and hands in black and white.

The Unresolved Image by Frédéric Eyl & Richard The

Our Values



Eyebeam requires artists who receive funding from us to release their work into the public domain, in order. This is to not only prevent discrimination against persons, groups, or fields of endeavor and but to address the systemic biases of both the technology and art worlds.



Eyebeam encourages participating artists to engage in experiment-based processes that lead to more equitable improvements or new processes that increase access and awareness.



Eyebeam believes all people are deserving of full recognition for their inherent worth and dignity, at all times.

We live our values by:


Building Partnerships

Eyebeam learns from organizations that do the hard work of combating injustice. We aim to be a good ally to those activist organizations fighting for the rights of LGBTQIA+, Black, disabled, Indigenous, and other communities that have historically been undersupported or unrecognized in the art world and technological realms.


Internal Growth

Eyebeam’s public work happens in parallel to the harder work of institutional and internal growth and evolution towards more equitable practices. The organization is learning from its advisors, and friends, to build strategies for equity that become rooted in the organization’s internal functionality.


Community Outreach

Eyebeam is working to make all of its programs, hiring opportunities, internships, and student education initiatives more anti-racist and anti-ableist. This is being done through creating building materials that are targeted for those communities with whom we are developing relationships, and ensuring that all programs are fully accessible.

This values-based approach has become a core part of the organization and is changing Eyebeam’s culture from the inside. Eyebeam is proud of what it has done in this realm and makes this a top priority, while acknowledging that there is always room to grow. We continue to see immense potential in making a space for creation and imagination built from our deeply held values of openness, invention, and justice.


Last updated: 13.07.2022
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